Sluggish Koalas Owners will have the passive income opportunity with our stake-to-earn mechanism. Integration of Staking System to our website shall be completed within 1 week after the mint.
  • The amount of SOL, corresponding to $20.000, will be added to LP at the first stage.
  • 17.000 $KOAL / day will be shared with all Sluggish Koalas staked.
  • You will earn a minimum 5 $KOAL per your Sluggish Koala per day when staked.
  • Our Staking Reward Sharing is based on an inverse proportion formula. If all Sluggish Koalas are staked, it means you earn 5 $KOAL a day. The less Sluggish Koalas staked, the more you will earn.
  • 50% of royalties will be added to LP weekly.