January 2022

  • Developing Sluggish Koalas' Utilities
  • Building the Artwork of Sluggish Koalas
  • Development of The Tokenomics
  • Making SWOT Analysis

February 2022

  • Production of The Roadmap
  • Design and Development of The Website

March 2022

  • Development of $KOAL and $KOAL Tokenomics
  • Publishing The Whitepaper
  • Publishing The Social Media Accounts
  • Receive Consultancy Services from Social Media Professionals

April 2022

  • Final studies for $KOAL token
  • Release of $KOAL token
  • Get In Touch with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)

May - June 2022

  • Start Posting on Social Media for Interaction
  • Release of the Sluggish Koalas official website
  • Building Partnerships with Various Nft Projects

July 2022

  • Launch of The Sluggish Koalas Nft Collection on Solanart Launchpad
  • Listings on Secondary Marketplaces
  • Adding LP to $KOAL
  • Issuing $KOAL-$SOL on Stock Exchanges
  • Enable Trading of $KOAL Token
  • Integration of Staking System to Our Website
  • Open Nft Staking for Hold-To-Earn $KOAL Token
  • Donating 5% of Our Mint Funds to WWF for Saving Koalas
  • Partnerships with Qualified Nft and DeFi Projects
  • Purchasing Qualified Projects' Nfts for Our Lottery System
  • Purchasing Digital Real Estates in The Metaverse for Our Lottery System

August - September 2022

  • Integration of Lottery System to Our Website
  • Partnerships with Various Nft Casino Projects
  • Integration of Casino System to Our Ecosystem
  • Sharing 50% of Koala Casino Revenues with Sluggish Koalas Nft Holders

October 2022

  • Release of The Roadmap v2.0