Our team consists of CEO, COO, CFO, Software Developer, and Artist. Some of our members have their own companies and some of them have been working for the world’s most reputable companies like Microsoft, Boeing, Samsung.
Our interest in the cryptocurrency has started 6 years ago and we built our future by improving ourselves in this sector. Since the first day that we gathered as a team, one of our biggest dreams was to carry out an NFT Project. We did not face any challenges during the decision and making process of forming the basis and theme of our Project.
*Team will be doxxed ahead before launch.
He is the founder and the chief executive officer of Sluggish Koalas NFT Project. He is also the owner of one of the biggest e-commerce websites in our country which is a product of his own Software Company.
COO & Project Manager.
She is the chief operation officer of the Sluggish Koalas NFT Project. She is overqualified in Business Development, has been working at Microsoft, Samsung as an experienced Sector Specialist. Currently working at Mobile App Development Company.
CFO & Marketing Manager
He is the chief financial officer of the Sluggish Koalas NFT Project. He is experienced in financial operations. He will be dealing with our project’s Marketing Management as well. He is also working at Boeing as a Sales Representative.
Software Developer
He is software developer of the Sluggish Koalas NFT Project. He is experienced in Software Developing and CEO of his own Software Development Company.
He is The Art God of Sluggish Koalas. He is experienced on 2D/3D modelling and animation. He draws everything.