Customized Products for Community

Besides being a Qualified Nft Project, being in a social interaction with our community members is among our primary goals.
  • Every month, 25 lucky winners from the holders will be rewarded with hoodie/t-shirt/keychain which has their own Sluggish Koalas Nft printed on. They will be chosen by raffles.
  • 1 Guaranteed hoodie/tshirt + keychain printing option for the members who hold at least 10 Sluggish Koalas Nfts.
We have comprehensive agreements with DHL and UPS Courier Companies. We are using Worldwide Express Shipping Type (1-7 working days).
Free Shipping for our lucky winners.
*For the people who don't want to give their address details, we will be able to ship their gifts to the nearest Dhl and Ups Agency. Winners will be able to open Support Tickets on our Discord Channel for these kinds of requests.