Lottery System

Sluggish Koalas Nft will present owners to gain access to join the lotteries of other valuable projects’ NFTs and the digital real estates in The Metaverse.
You will need a ticket to join the lotteries.
Every Lottery will have a certain amount of ticket prize in $KOAL.
Sluggish Koalas Nft owners can buy a ticket to join these raffles with their $KOALs that they have earned by staking their Sluggish Koalas Nfts. If participants do not have any $KOAL, they will be able to buy $KOAL on stock exchanges for purchasing tickets to join these raffles.
At least 5% of the mint funds will be used for purchasing these Nfts.
NFT Projects which will be used for these lotteries are yet to be determined.
We will use Matic Blockchain for purchasing Digital Real Estates in The Metaverse from https://nextearth.io/.
Locations and the land sizes of Digital Real Estates in The Metaverse will be determined when our Lottery System has been published.
We will transfer the digital real estate rewards as an NFT. So the winners will have to create a Matic Wallet on Metamask.
Integration of The Lottery System to our website will be completed soon after staking.
Last modified 8mo ago