In the contemporary world, the significance of cryptocurrency can not be underestimated. The underlying reason is the deterioration of the old financial system. In the digitalized system, cryptocurrency paved the way for many innovations like NFTs. Cryptocurrency changed our percepiton of the global financial system. NFTs are not only digital assets or images, but also a kind of investment and part of their owners` lives. NFTs are not just copyable JPEGS. For instance, anyone can take pictures of Mono Lisa at the Louvre Museum but it doesn't make them the owner of it. This is also valid for NFTs.
NFT is a kind of investment which has some remarkable differences from the conventional investment methods. Firstly, for NFT projects, it is indispensable to create an organic community. Secondly, most NFT projects' members can direct the project by giving some ideas about the development of the project that they have invested. The communication between investors and owners increases the strength and sustainability of the NFT project. Those major differences make NFT Projects to be a social investment method.
We had certain sources of inspiration while establishing the basis and theme of the project. As we all know, 2021 was the warmest year of the last century. As humanity, we are damaging nature and ignoring its destructive consequences. Deforestation leads to the destruction of various living creatures’ habitats. Koalas are one of our friends who are severely affected by the destruction of nature. They are as desperate as they are cute... Raising awareness on this issue is one of the main responsibilities of humankind, and this is the biggest motivation for developing the basis and the theme of our NFT project.